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  • Financing Options


  • Financing Options for Plumbing Projects in Columbus, Ohio

    Your home is your most important asset, and sometimes it requires important investments. Keeping your plumbing in working order is essential to keeping your life running normally and protecting your home from damage. However, we understand it can also be an inconvenient expense. At The Rooter Works, we offer flexible financing options for plumbing projects for our friends and neighbors in the Columbus, Ohio area.

    We will ensure that you receive the best quality plumbing work available at a price you can manage.

    To learn more about our financing options, give us a call at 614-766-8371. A live customer service representative will be available answer any of your questions about financing your plumbing needs.

    At The Rooter Works, our motto is “quality plumbing at a fair price.” We believe in offering the best possible customer service and we stand behind our plumbing work with a money-back guarantee. To schedule your service or inquire about financing options, call today.

    For Quality Plumbing at a Fair Price, Call The Rooter Works at 614-766-8371