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  • Garbage Disposals



    It seems like such a small feature until it stops working. The garbage disposal is essential in any kitchen to remove food waste and assist in keeping our lives simplified and sanitary. If there is an issue with your garbage disposal, this is a repair any one of our qualified technicians could handle quickly. At The Rooter Works, we offer round-the-clock garbage disposal service for Columbus, holidays included.

    General Garbage Disposal Guidelines

    The term “garbage disposal” can be somewhat misleading. Your disposal, also known as a garburator, is NOT a garbage. It’s important to know what to put down your garbage disposal and what to just put in the garbage.

    For long-term garbage disposal maintenance, stick to putting organic materials down the drain, and pitch the grease and grounds. And of course, never put your hand down the disposal!

    What to avoid putting down the disposal:

    • Grease, Oil, Fats
    • Fruit Pits
    • Celery, Fibrous Foods
    • Meat Bones
    • Coffee Grounds
    • Eggshells
    • Pasta, Rice, Potato Peels
    • Glass, Metal, Plastic
    • Large Amounts of Anything
    • Inorganic Materials

    How to keep your garbage disposal in good shape

    Keep the water flowing

    Whenever you use the garbage disposal, be sure cold water is running down the drain as it grinds. Also, cold water is better than hot water for your disposal.

    Keep it clean

    Put dish soap down into the disposal after washing dishes. Then run the cold water and the disposal for about a minute to allow it to refresh itself. Running the disposal frequently will also keep it from corroding and maintain its functioning.

    Keep it smelling nice

    There are a couple ways to do this. One is to periodically toss in slices from a lemon or other citrus fruit. Grind them up for a kitchen fresh scent from the drain. Another way is to freeze vinegar into ice cubes. Grind the vinegar cubes in the disposal to kill odorous bacteria. Baking soda is another solution for smell. Leave the baking soda in the drain, and rinse it several hours later for long-lasting scent control.

    Kitchen Plumbing Professionals

    In Texas, we love to cook. Get back to your kitchen routines with prompt and professional garbage disposal service by The Rooter Works.

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